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凱莉 Kelly

Helping Yi-Na (means auntie or refers to married women in the Amis language) shoulder burdens in the day, and makes a living as a wine lady in the evening.

烤茶地 Roasted Tea Workshop


The Roasted Tea Workshop is a humble workshop with a personal touch. The owner, Kelly, is friendly and hospitable and enjoys making new friends and talking over drinks. Travellers visiting the workshop will have the opportunity to experience traditional Amis Tribe wine-making and cigarette-rolling. It is sure to be a spiritually healing and leisurely experience.


微醺特調 Cocktail Experience

酒釀體驗 Wine Workshop

捲煙體驗 Cigarette Workshop

#長濱夜生活 #伊娜的記憶與技藝


  • 聯絡電話|0952-517179
  • 地  址|台東縣長濱鄉長濱村100-1號 Taitung County, Changbin Township, Changbin Village, No. 100-1


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  • 吳神父足底按摩 Father Wu’s Foot Massage

    【位於長濱天主堂的吳神父足底按摩】 「我是在瑞士出生的台灣人。」祖籍瑞士,隸屬天主教白冷教會的吳若石神父在30歲時來到台灣東部傳教,一待就是50年。 初來乍到長濱的吳神父因水土不服,引發嚴重的關節炎,從一本德文腳底按摩書中學習到有效舒緩疼痛的方法後,透過傳授腳底按摩技術,改善當地人的健康,也希望此技術能幫助他們謀生,改善生計。 吳神父的腳底按摩如今不只在台東地區,也遍佈全台灣,甚至香港、中國大陸都能看到相關書籍及許多以吳神父命名的腳底按摩店。 Father Wu’s Foot Massage is located in the Changbin Catholic Church. “I’m a Swiss born Taiwanese.” Originally from Switzerland, and belonging to the Catholic church of Bethlehem, Father Wu Ruo-Shi came to the Eastern part of Taiwan at the age of 30 to preach, and there he stayed for 50 years. At first, Father Wu was unaccustomed to the way of life and soon developed a serious case of arthritis. He studied a German book on foot massages and learned how to alleviate pain. By teaching foot massage techniques, Father Wu hopes to not only improve the health of locals, but also help them earn a living, and improve their lives. Father Wu’s foot massage is not only located in the Taitung area, but also located throughout Taiwan, Hongkong, and China.

  • 書粥 Su-Zhou

    一間位於長濱的獨立二手書店,老闆高耀威從台南跑到長濱,以非常別緻的方式經營著。自己動手整理房屋,做木工,店內的擺設來自「淘汰品」,卻自個兒有一番風味。書粥最特別之處在於「顧店換宿」的經營方式,甚至在地下室準備了一間房間給暫時店主。除了讓都市的朋友們有一個喘息的空間,更重要的是,店主希望以慢慢滲透的方式,自然而然地讓書粥,進入長濱朋友的生活中。書粥也提供「暫放小孩」的托育服務,書店中的繪本區,可以讓孩子們待上好幾個鐘頭,也常有親子來此共讀。 Owner Gao Yao-Wei came to Changbin from Tainan, and opened the only second-hand bookstore in Changbin. He operates his bookstore in a very unique manner. He personally takes care of all the chores and cleaning in the store, is his own carpenter, and uses discarded items to decorate his store. Thus, creating a unique environment within the bookstore. Su-zhou is run by having individuals run the store in exchange for room and board. The bookstore provides a room in the basement for the temporary store manager. The store owner hopes to not only provide friends from the city a place to rest, but also allow Su-Zhou to slowly become deeply embedded within the lives of friends in Changbin. Su-Zhou also provides a children daycare services, where children can immerse themselves for hours in the bookstore’s picture book section. The picture book section also provides a place for parent and child to read together.

  • 深夜故事餐酒館

    位於台東長濱的深夜故事,是以早午餐、餐酒為主的餐廳,也是長濱地區第一家提供早午餐的據點。 深夜故事由一位是對調酒十分有興趣的長濱在地人Echo經營,除了早午餐之外,店裡也有提供主餐及一般解渴飲品,同時可接待各種類型的聚會、Party。而當夜幕低垂時,就是酒精性飲品登場的時刻了。 來長濱旅遊時,歡迎來深夜故事餐酒館體驗一下吧! (深夜故事也有提供平價住宿,歡迎至FB粉專了解更多!)

  • 長濱驛棧